Doug Burke Photographer

Surrounded by the constant stimulus of Manhattan was an exciting place to grow up. In third grade I was introduced to photography and immediately took to shooting city scenes- the construction crew on a new skyscraper going up, the Alice in Wonderland statue which we  climbed on in Central Park, a tug boat on the East River. Photography provided me the creative outlet I had been looking for. 

Now I’m a busy sales division manager, and travel extensively for business. On weekends, I’m able to pursue my love of photography, primarily on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. I strive to capture photographs that draw me into a world of simplicity, enabling me to disengage from life’s day-to-day responsibilities. I find great calmness in being pulled deep into a photograph and having everything else at that precise moment fade away. My goal is to walk away from the photograph with a clear mind and new outlook.

Nature offers us beauty in many forms, from a sunny day to a dark stormy grey day. I look for that one moment where the colors are riveting, and come together in a brief second of beauty. In that moment, nature reminds us that we are just a blip in time, almost immaterial. 

My passion comes from finding that scene that others walk by, and having it speak to me. I’m seeking the unknown, to capture a picture that is out there, but not easily seen.