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I grew up in NYC, right in the middle of Manhattan. As a child, I found great peace in capturing images of the city that never sleeps. Now I’m a busy sales divisional manager, and travel extensively for business. On weekends, I’m able to pursue my love of photography. I strive to capture photographs that draw me into a world of simplicity, enabling me to disengage from life’s day-to-day responsibilities, to relax and re-charge. I get pulled deep into shooting photos – everything else at that precise moment in time becomes irrelevant. My goal is to walk away from the shoot with a clear mind and new outlook.

Nature offers us beauty in many forms, from a sunny day to a dark stormy grey day. I look for that one moment where the colors are riveting, and come together in a brief second of beauty. In that moment, nature reminds us that we are just a blip in time, almost immaterial.

I am always looking to take on new projects and get out of my comfort zone. Let me know if you are interested in my work and would like me to shoot photos of that memorable moment or view you so thoroughly enjoy!

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